Upcounty Prevention

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Our Mission

The Upcounty Prevention Network (UPN) mobilizes the power of community to promote healthy youth lifestyles.

The Upcounty Prevention Network (UPN) is a community-based organization that focuses on promoting positive development, health, and well-being among youth in its service area. Through a variety of initiatives, UPN seeks to create a supportive environment that encourages young people to make healthy choices and avoid risky behaviors.

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Our History

The Upcounty Prevention Network enriches the lifestyles of area youth through positive action, education, and support of healthy choices. Young people engage alongside adults as voting members on the UPN leadership board to plan and implement our activities.

Our Team

We are a team of volunteers who care about our youth. Our membership is composed of local students, educators, parents, medical and mental health providers, government and school leaders, and caring community members.

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