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What could a Community Center do?

From Poolesville High School Day Breakfast (2023)

Five students from Poolesville High School speak about their daily stresses they face as students and how a community center could help provide, among other things, a "safe space" where students could unwind, connect with each other, conduct club meetings, talk to trusted adults and mentor, exercise, and play games.

See more about the students who spoke below!

Brianna is a senior in the Global Ecology House, and her home school is Watkins Mill High School.

Brooklyn is a senior in the Independent Studies Program (ISP) House. In addition, she is enrolled and an active member in our Project Lead-the-Way Program and a leader in the ISP house. She even designed a shirt and flag to encourage more ISP pride.

Bridget is a senior in the Independent Studies Program (ISP) House. She is a student advocate for various services, as demonstrated through her internship with the UpCounty Prevention Network (UPN) and her work with WUMCO.

Victor is a senior is in the Global Ecology House. His current home school is Clarksburg High School, but he attended PES and JPMS prior to his family moving.

Jacob is a junior in the Science, Math, Computer Science Program, and recently was appointed to Council Member Laurie-Anne Sayles's Student Intern Committee. He has been playing the cello for 10 years and has won numerous awards.

Our Mission

The Upcounty Prevention Network (UPN) mobilizes the power of community to promote healthy youth lifestyles.

The Upcounty Prevention Network (UPN) is a community-based organization that focuses on promoting positive development, health, and well-being among youth in its service area. Through a variety of initiatives, UPN seeks to create a supportive environment that encourages young people to make healthy choices and avoid risky behaviors.

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Our History

The Upcounty Prevention Network enriches the lifestyles of area youth through positive action, education, and support of healthy choices. Young people engage alongside adults as voting members on the UPN leadership board to plan and implement our activities.

Our Team

We are a team of volunteers who care about our youth. Our membership is composed of local students, educators, parents, medical and mental health providers, government and school leaders, and caring community members.

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